Grow Muscle
3x Faster
Than With Weights!


People Quit on Fitness Because They Don't See Results in the Time They Can Commit.

Compared to regular weight training, variable resistance training (such as X3) led to double or triple the gains in one-rep max, and triple the gains in average power, for the time period tested.

But even that research didn’t scratch the surface of the fact that confirmed with bone research, humans are 7-times more powerful in the strong vs weak range.

So now knowing this, we obviously need to massively increase force as we move into stronger ranges, you can’t do this with a weight, but X3 makes this happen.

This may be one of the most profound discoveries in the history of sports performance science.

X3 Bar Elite by Jaquish Biomedical

X3 Bar Elite by Jaquish Biomedical

The X3 is a complete home gym system that provides faster, better exercise benefits than conventional weight machines, squat racks, home gyms, etc.


  • Complete home gym system
  • Easy to follow X3 12 Week Program
  • Four X3 resistance bands (Up to 30% more resistance than other layered latex bands)
  • Heavy-duty alloy steel X3 ground plate protects ankles from high workout forces, which have the potential to exceed 300lbs (or 500lbs with Elite Band, sold separately)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • We generally ship items the same or next business day, but due X3 is in "high demand" due to coronavirus. It may take a little bit longer than usual. Once your order ships, it typically takes about 2-6 days to arrive in the continental United States.

    $549.00 Regular Price
    $521.55Sale Price
    10 Minutes is
    All You Need
    A Full Gym Without a Gym
    Lift Heavier With Less Risk of Injury
    Workout Anywhere

    Invented by Dr. Jaquish,

    the Tony Stark of the

    Fitness Industry.

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    Ready for the Most Efficient Workout of Your Life?

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