Our two studios in Manhattan are conveniently located in the Upper Side:

OsteoStrong Park Ave

30 E 60th St.

(917) 451-3183

OsteoStrong Upper West

245 W 72nd St.

(917) 451-3184

Image by Luke Stackpoole


We are at The Shoppes at Vanderbilt:

OsteoStrong Naples Vanderbilt

2343 Vanderbilt Beach Rd.

Suite #618

(239) 317-6084

Image by Bailey Rapp

OsteoStrong meets all the standards set by Federal, State, and local requirements in order to be open during the Covid-19 virus outbreak. Precautions and more details can be seen in this video.


OsteoStrong Greenwich

10 Milbank Ave.

(203) 900-1661

OsteoStrong Darien

Goodwives Shopping Center

25 Old Kings Highway N #17

(203) 900-1662

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

This website has scheduling information for members of the following OsteoStrong Centers:

 Greenwich, Darien, Naples, NYC Park Ave, and NYC Upper West.

To discover more about OsteoStrong or find other locations worldwide, go to

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