Joining OsteoStrong Greenwich when it opened required little thought. I’d been awaiting a local franchise after learning of Dr. Jaquish’s biohack from a friend on the gulf coast. My bones had been negatively impacted for decades from both nutritional deficiencies and immunosuppressive therapy related to Crohn’s disease, diagnosed when I was a teen. More recently, in 2013, I’d suffered a pituitary hemorrhage resulting in adrenal insufficiency and reliance on daily hydrocortisone, known to adversely impact bone health. 2014 brought a late-stage Lyme disease diagnosis, which explained the medical puzzle I’d become—my function was impaired from the brain to feet.


I was bedridden and housebound for years. My symptom package was extensive, but severe joint, muscle, and nerve pain were paramount, along with weakness and ready fatigue. A combined approach of medical and physical rehabilitative treatment, along with mindset, paved the way for my ability to leave the house, tiptoeing within my local community. When I tentatively walked through OsteoStrong’s newly opened door in fall 2018, I did so knowing pharmaceutical treatment for osteoporosis had failed me and with the independent intention of building bone. I had so much more to learn.


How many places do you enter where smiles, hugs (when permitted!), and encouragement surround you? They do at OsteoStrong. My franchise owners, manager, and coaches became cheerleaders, friends, and points of entry into community life. My sole focus on building bone was reshaped radically within my initial months of membership. Newfound physical strength wasn’t only an achievement tracked through digital graphics, but one which impacted my daily life. Between November 2018 and April 2019, my functional bone performance increased 240%. As someone with a quality of life focus, what did that mean? It meant I was stronger. It meant my stamina was improving. It meant I was able to explore and test my abilities within a group exercise class for the first time in 6 years. It meant my life was moving forward.


Outside of the Spectrum circuit, OsteoStrong offered unexpected hacks. The vibration plates bookend each workout and activate one’s body and brain, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and providing an unstable surface on which to stretch and challenge balance. Other on-site modalities offer unique benefits. Completing my weekly appointment using a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) mat supports circulation, healing, and immunity—it’s my favorite way to wind down before heading out for the day. A fabulous take-away from OsteoStrong has been a reinforcement of a practical mental attitude. The body has days when it gives more or less. Listening to internal cues, easing up on weeks when the body is asking for that, practicing patience, and trusting the process all impact outcomes.


I’d set lofty goals for 2020. The two most crucial, a return to independent living and gentle re-entry into the workforce. I grappled with what type of work might bridge my passion as a professional healthcare advocate for children in rehabilitation, with recent years from which I was striving to heal. As we ushered in a new decade, a coaching position was offered to me at OsteoStrong. The transition felt organic, and like the universe was showing me my path. It’s ironic in certain ways. Just as I walked into OsteoStrong for the first time in 2018 as a client and learned quickly there was so much more to the program than I’d ever imagined, I am experiencing a parallel behind the scenes. I am seeing how much education, effort, energy, and heart each member of the OsteoStrong team pulls up and out, to offer you what I experienced from my first session forward.

The best 15 minutes of my week.

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