Dear member,

As you know, CT has asked most local businesses to close to flatten the curve of COVID-19 spread and the most common question we are receiving these days is “will you keep charging me” or “can I have my membership on hold during this crisis?”

Please rest assured that you will be financially compensated for the period we are closed.


We understand the concern of suspending membership dues at this time, but if we do that, we will be unable to cover our obligations that are still running. Your monthly dues pay our coaches, admins, rent, utilities, and many other items that the center will require to be operational on the other side of this crisis. Without your continued support, these things are not possible.

Here is our proposal for you:

If you are financially able, we would be so grateful if you could please stay active with your membership through this time. By staying active and trusting us to do as much as we can to serve you, you could save a business and offer financial stability to our hard-working, amazing coaches and admins that bring so much health and joy to you every week.


If you are willing to keep your membership active during our temporary shutdown, we will: 


- Suspend your membership dues, for the same amount of time we are closed PLUS one month on top of that, in the coming months once we are open again. The effective date when we will suspend your membership dues and give you the free month will be defined as soon as we know for how long we will remain closed.


- We will offer a 6 month free membership for a member of your family. You will get 2 memberships for the price of one and will be help one of your loved ones by extending to them all amazing benefits from Osteostrong.

For our members who are not financially able to support us at this moment, we understand, and we will honor your request to put your membership on hold until the end of this crisis. If you wish to do so, please respond to this email to let us know, and we will update your account accordingly.

We invested our emotions and time into OsteoStrong because we wanted to help people realize their highest level of physical capability and freedom. We genuinely care about every single one of you that walks through our doors. We commit to continue to help our members thrive after this crisis is over, but it will require the support of all of us in the community to help small businesses like us make it to the other side.

We are doing our best to stay positive through this and see the opportunity in the struggle because we know that is always available. This too shall pass and will leave us stronger than when we started. You practice strength every time you step into OsteoStrong, and now is the time to practice that strength outside of our walls.

With peace, love, and gratitude,
Lisa, Steve, Scott, Mackenzie, Wesley & Allan

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